Precious Luxury Is A Mindset. A Lifestyle.  A Journey.




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I totally understand that searching for trending products can be a frustrating task. I carefully curate clothes that will make your waist look small and your hips and butt look plumper. I understand the pressure women feel to have the ideal body type. When you shop with me, you don’t just get clothes that enhance your shape and flatter your figure, you also receive some of the best customer service experience in the entire industry, as all of our support representatives are beauty advocates themselves!


At Precious Luxury, we look after you both before & after the purchase, ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with what you've chosen. We also ensure that our Customers are the very first people in the know, for all of the trending products!

We are the go-to store for all Trendy Clothes needs… Whatever you need, we provide.


Our Mission


Our goal is to provide you with quality beauty, fashion and business products that will elevate your lifestyle. In the spirit of excellence, customer service and class are the cornerstones of Precious.Luxury and our representatives will make sure that your experience is wonderful from beginning to end. Your experience matters.





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Before I was flying from India to St. Lucia and spending weeks in Europe, I was a struggling single mother.  I was on public assistance and using my food stamps to buy sugar and oil to make body scrub to sell at flea markets.  I was hustling in every direction but I was still coming up short.  So, I put myself through school and graduated Suma Cum Laude with a degree in computer programming and web development.  

Within 3 years in IT I was making six figures but I was still unsatisfied with my life. I even tried doing stand-up comedy.  Although I was pretty good and had my own tour, I knew I had more to offer the world.

I left my job and I began my new company and my new life.

That was 5 years ago, since then I have expanded my mobile spa business to a six-figure business, redesigned my family’s floral business to double our profits with less production time and developed a reputable coaching brand that that changed the lives of over 75 business owners and couples. 

Now, I’m ready to share my journey to luxury and how I elevated my class.

Precious Luxury Is A Mindset. A Lifestyle.  A Journey.

Your journey makes you Precious, elevating your class is what makes you Luxury.

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